About Us

About Us

Every business has a story.

With a love and respect for the power of social media and the obvious need for a more transparent option for business owners came the idea for That’s So Social. The company was built with two main concepts in mind:

Keep it current, keep it simple.

The online world is changing daily. Our goal is to give you piece of mind and more time to concentrate on the parts of your business you enjoy most.

We’re here to:

  • Listen, learn and understand your goals
  • Present a simple but effective strategy
  • Ensure your social channels are getting the attention they need
  • Give you peace of mind and more time, so you can get back to what you enjoy most: running your business.

It all began with...

From a young age, Jennifer Perry has been intrigued by the online world and developed a strong eagerness to be a part of it all. Teaching herself how to build websites in her teens, she discovered a love for sharing her story online which she continued in several different capacities for many years. Jenn has always been the go-to person with friends and family and she really enjoys helping others. What began as a fun hobby eventually led to a leap in her career path and in an effort to create her dream job, the launch of That's So Social.

Experienced, driven and hard-working, Jenn has a passion for social media, strategy and creating content that gets noticed.

Jennifer Perry

Owner, That's So Social

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